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Godzilla - 1998
Godzilla 2000
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100% Original Godzilla - Accept NO Substitutues!
Reviews of the TriStar Godzilla movie with advice on how to do it right next time.
1st Person: Godzilla
Biography, quiz, filmography of Godzilla.
ABCs of the New and Original Godzilla
An alphabetical approach to Godzilla information.
Al's Godzilla Page
Poster comparing all the Godzillas, along with Godzilla facts and a list of movies.
Alan's Kaiju Room
Pictures of Godzilla and other monsters, and the kaiju biology page.
Alec's Godzilla Page
Drawings by Alex, images from movies, monster stats.
Allscifi Godzilla Parody
Parody game based on Godzilla. You play a monster roaming around New York eating different kinds of people to get a balanced diet.
An area known as Monsterland
Monster of the Month: the reader submits a description of a daikaiju (big monster) to compete for monster of the month. The site also contains reviews of movies and comics, essays, and monster information.
B's Tasty & Delectable Page of Godzilla
Everything you want to know about our favorite fire-breathing Japanese movie monster, Godzilla, including pictures, sounds, news.
Barry's Temple of Godzilla
Godzilla movie reviews, Godzilla photographs, Godzilla sound clips, Godzilla cartoons, and Godzilla animations.
Battra's Godzilla Page
Original animations and graphics of Godzilla.
Boulder's 400 foot tall pet radioactive monster
This website is devoted to Godzilla, King of the Monsters. Here you will find sound clips (in WAV format), links, information, and movie reviews about Godzilla.
Brettum's Official Godzilla Page
Information and pictures from the upcoming Toho film, Godzilla 2000, as well as information about a similar Korean movie, Yonggary.
Bryan's Monster Island
Multimedia site packed with animations, pictures, movie reviews, monster profiles, music, and news.
The story of Catzilla, told in still and animated photos.
Chris Nickerson's Godzilla Page
Newest Godzilla news, brief filmography, message board, pictures, and information on where to order Godzilla books and videos.
Club Daikaiju
Japanese monster movie merchandise, news, and an archive of articles.
Club Tokyo: The Godzilla Virtual Museum
List of Godzilla toys as well as toys of related monsters.
Consters Museum of Godzilla
An enormous collection of Godzilla humor, including a page about Godzilla biology and an essay on how to be a beautiful kaiju. Not your ordinary Godzilla site.
Cruel Kev's Homage to Godzilla
Pages full of lots of powerful Godzilla photographs.
Dave's Godzilla Page
Pictures, stats and filmography for each Toho monster.
Die OLLI Homepage: Godzilla
A large gallery of photographs and animated gifs from the American Godzilla movie. Text in German and English.
Domzilla's Godzilla Page
Domzilla invites you to visit his kid-Safe Godzilla site, with fan art, links, books, toys and videos. Featuring Godzilla versus Barney.
Dray's Godzilla Hut
Pictures and information about Godzilla.
Empire of Godzilla
A Godzilla chronology explaining how and when Godzilla has changed through time.
Fandom: Godzilla
A place online for the Godzilla fan to hang out.
G-Fan's 1997 Godzilla Convention
Photographs, contests, and a description of activities.
Go Go Godzilla!
Godzilla links, sounds, pictures, and an account of meeting a Godzilla actor (in genuine G-suit) in person.
God of Monsters
A biography of Godzilla, with a filmography, photos, posters, news, and links.
Summaries of the plots of the Godzilla movies, including information about the original Japanese versions.
Devoted to the TriStar Godzilla movie, with clips, reviews, sounds, cast information and news updates.
Godzilla & Team (Przemek's Monstrocity)
Big Toho monsters gallery: film list, pictures, posters, music and roars (wav, mp3). Both an English and a Polish version.
Godzilla 98 Lair
Godzilla 98 gallery of fan art.
Godzilla and Kaiju Game Page
Games that can be downloaded for trial purposes.
Godzilla FAQ
In-depth information about Godzilla
Godzilla G-Base
Home of Godzilla and all his opponents: pictures, videos, chat, games.
Godzilla Games 4 U
Descriptions and strategy guides for a number of Godzilla video games.
Godzilla Hysteria
Photographs, movie reviews, sounds and links.
Godzilla in New York
A series of photographs showing New York landmarks with and without the effects of Godzilla, as well as maps pinpointing the action.
A great place to find Godzilla sites from around the world.
Godzilla Monster Music
A website devoted to the music of Godzilla movies: reviews of CDs, photos from liner notes, lists of pieces on each CD.
Godzilla Net/Gamera Net
Photographs, movie reviews and movie posters for Godzilla and Gamera movies, as well as for other Japanese monster movies.
Godzilla Official Site
Toho's official site, in Japanese only, for Godzilla 2000.
Godzilla Part 1: Made in Japan Godzilla article part one: Japanese Godzilla movies.
Godzilla Part 2: Coming To America article on Godzilla part 2: Godzilla movies and shows in the United States.
Godzilla Review and Comparison
Review of Tri-Star's 1998 "Godzilla" and a comparison between its version and the Toho version of the big green guy.
Godzilla Rulz!
Godzilla comics & graphics.
Godzilla Tower
Monster Museum and ultimate monster poll site. The home of WMW: World Monster Wrestling.
Godzilla Trivia Quiz
Test your monster movie IQ
Godzilla Versus Ditka
The battle of the century - who will prevail, the Big G or Coach Mike Ditka?
Godzilla vs the World
Fan-fiction script, for anyone who has ever wanted to make a home-made Godzilla movie.
Godzilla's Monster Island
Lush, fast-loading graphics as well as information on upcoming Toho and TriStar Godzilla movies, galleries, news updates, collectibles, games, movie clips, sounds, music, and a page about books, comics and magazines.
Godzilla's Terror of Tokyo
Movie reviews with a twist, a review of the Godzilla Compendium, a message board, an art contest, pictures, midis, and an online Godzilla story.
Godzilla's World
Pictures and statistics for Godzilla and his fellow kaiju.
The Godzilla Jumpstation...everything Godzilla from Columbia Tristar Interactive.
Godzilla: A Hollywood Jesus visual film review.
A Christian look at Godzilla.
A site dedicated to fans of Godzilla and Godzilla movies. Offering free e-mail:, message boards, news, reviews, movies and books.
Godzillas Hideaway
Godzilla pictures and links.
Original animations and a story page. If you send the webmaster a Godzilla story, he will animate it for you.
Humorous images and animations, stories, links.
GURPS Godzilla
This is a website devoted to roleplaying games involving Toho scenarios.
GVamp's Kaiju Page
News, monster bios, a movie gallery and a Kaiju quiz.
House of Gojira
Photographs, audio and video clips, Godzilla news, and KaijuCards (Toho e-cards).
Johnzilla's Godzilla Page
A photo gallery, cartoons, a quiz, movies, movie reviews, and a kaiju page.
Kaiju Headquarters
Kaiju biology, photographs, movie reviews, kaiju profiles, Toho casting crew, Toho news, Kaiju wrestling federation, Kaiju versions, behind the scenes at Toho, and the latest on G-Fest 2000.
Kevin's Godzilla Dungeon
Godzilla ABCs and jokes, daikaiju biology, and pictures.
King Ghidorah's Godzilla Page
Sounds, movie reviews, stats, collectibles, movie list.
Kirk Vs. Godzilla
The showdown of the century, in TV script format, by Mike Miller.
Long Live Godzilla
Godzilla pictures, stories, fan art and animation, movie listing, movie reviews, message board.
Malachi's Monster Page
These are Malachi's interviews with Toho monsters, including Godzilla, Mothra and Anguirus. Now with sketches from the Toho Light Opera Company.
Mario's Godzilla Page
Site features quick-time movies, information about the movies, FAQ, and various other multimedia.
Mary Jane's Godzilla Page
Godzilla pictures, a list of movies, and a review of the Tristar movie.
Michael's Godzilla vs Destroyer Page
All about Godzilla vs Destroyer (or Destoroyah) with commentary, monster bios, locations, pictures, faqs, sounds, behind-the-scenes, music, artwork, movie reviews, Bandai toys, and Godzilla collectibles.
Monster Island UK
Unofficial fan site for Godzilla, Gamera, Ultraman and other Japanese Kaiju & Sentai films and shows.
Monster Zero: The latest in Godzilla news
Solely dedicated to bringing Godzilla fans the latest in news from Japan on Godzilla.
Nitemare's Godzilla Page
A fun survey with interesting results, as well as pictures and a film list.
Robert's Godzilla Universe
Monster stats with pictures, pictures from the covers of Godzilla books and comics, and a list of Godzilla movies.
Rubber Monster!
Original stories, reviews of the monsters, images, sounds, and behind-the-scenes pictures.
Shezilla: The Cloning Project
An illustrated fan-fiction short story about Godzilla.
Six Questions About Godzilla Answered by J.D. Lees
J.D. Lees of G-Fan explains the whys and wherefores of the Big G.
Space Godzilla's Crystal Palace
Come see Kaiju Kids, Gigan Alternet Homeworld, Learn about many Kaiju's powers and even see find new kaiju.
SpaceGodzilla and Ebirah's reviews!
Reviews of Toho movies by Toho characters.
The Realm of Gojirasan
Godzilla videos: how to order them, and what to look out for at auctions. Site also has an interesting page devoted to the men inside the suit, and an entertaining essay about the movie "Godzilla vs King Kong."
TheSciFiVine: Godzilla:
Talk about all things Godzilla: discuss your favorite movies, books, T.V. shows, comics, publish your own articles.
Toho Kingdom
Pictures, movie reviews, monster stats, people behind the movies, Toho actors.
Tom's Quest of Godzilla
Site features Godzilla comics, Kaiju Quest, kreate-a-kaiju, art, stories, history, monster index, fan fiction, pictures, and downloads.
Topher's Great Godzilla Reference Pages
Find everything you ever wanted to know about Godzilla and the other monsters from Godzilla movies.
Total Danger -
Read "Godzilla vs The Mysterians" and the story behind The Story. By Mick Anger
Tyler's Shrine of Godzilla
Tyler's Shrine of Godzilla includes pictures, original animations, fun monster reviews, and a forum. Godzilla 2
Cast and plot information, release dates, and preview commentary on what the movie might be like.
Welcome To Mc G's, May I help you?
On online Godzilla novel and a gallery of pictures and audio wavs.
World of Godzilla
Information on everything about Godzilla (movies, TV shows, action figures, games, clothes, facts, background...)

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